Publishers Terms and Conditions

Knowledge multiplies when shared. And what if you are paid to do so? That’s an amazing proposition. Isn’t? Here is an opportunity to earn while you boast your knowledge.

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Here are the some rules of the game

1. Anyone can contribute and any topic of choice as far as it is technical in nature.
2. Minimum length of an article is 350 words, maximum 1000 words.
3. Payment depends on topic written on, length of article, quality of writing.
4. Minimum you get if your article is accepted is 100 INR per article. Based on analysis of content, complexity of topic chosen, code snippets involved, trending topic, you can earn up to 500 INR per article.
5. Content which is paid for will be sole property of algorithms and me and it’s admin. Though article credit will be given to the contributor. Article published on this site should not be published elsewhere.
6. Content provided should be original in nature. Code snippets should be self written and not copy-pasted.
7. Decision to accept or not an article resides with algorithms and me team. No disputes can be raised.

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a. You have to register to site so that you can be given contributor role.
b. Max 5 articles/week can be contributed by user.
c. Payment will be done as soon as article gets published on site. If you need offline payments through cheques, then payment will be done every 5 articles.

If you are game, register and drop us a mail