Privacy Policy is committed to protect privacy of individuals who visit website and who make use of the on-line facilities.

1. Data Collector
We are using to collect user statistics. We do not collect any personal information, just aggregations like number of users hourly, daily, weekly and monthly, yearly.

Algorithms and me does not install any cookies on it’s own behalf. There are certain plugins which are being used on website, if they change their implementations, without prior knowledge of algorithms and me, and store cookies, we have no vested interest in that and we do not get any data for us. We try to remove plugins as soon as it comes to light that they are using cookies or change configurations to not to use cookies. However , sometimes, it takes us time to react. We are stick supporter of online privacy and we abide by the law to maintain that.

Email subscription
When you subscribe to email notification via Feedburner or mailmunch widgets, we don’t store any email ids with us, they are maintained at Feedburner or mailmunch. Only communication from will be about new updates and topic published on site and sometimes about details of course which are being offered currently or will be offered soon

We use Youtube analytics for videos posted on site, which itself has own privacy policy for user data. We get what is provided by Youtube.

Even after this, you have any query regarding data collection or usage (we are not using or collecting data per user anyway), please contact us.