Linked List Problems

1. Split linked list into two containing alternate nodes
2. Sort a list with 0s,1s and 2s
3. Merge a linked list into another at alternate positions
4. Delete N nodes after M nodes in linked list
5. Flatten a linked list
6. Union of two linked lists
7. Intersection of two sort linked lists
8. Identical lists: Find if two lists are equal
9. Print linked list in reverse order
10. Reverse K alternate nodes in linked list
11. Reverse linked list in group of size K
12. Find nth node from end of linked list
13. Find middle node of linked list
14. Pointer/Reference given to node,Delete node from linked list
15. Reverse a linked list
16. Find length of singly linked list
17. Difference between Linked list and array
18. Merge sort on linked list
19. Clone linked list with random pointer
20. Check if linked list is palindrome
21. Delete a given node from linked list
22. Find merge point of two linked lists
23. Detecting loop in singly linked list
24. Merge two sorted linked lists in one list
25. Add two numbers represented by linked lists
26. Linked lists: Insert,Remove and traverse operations
27. Segregate even odd nodes of linked list
28. Rotate a linked list
29. Insert in sorted order in linked list
30. Insert sort on linked list
31. Stack and Queue implementation using linked list

32. Circular linked lists and applications

33. Doubly linked list
34. Delete a node from doubly linked list
35. Reverse a doubly linked list
36. Quick sort on doubly linked list

37. Skip lists : Part 1
38. Skip lists: part 2

39. Linked list implementation in linux kernel