Array Problems

1. Leaders in array
2. Find all duplicate numbers in array
3. Find missing and repeated number in array
4. Find repeating number in array
5. Find element in sorted rotated array
6. Find missing number in array
7. Majority element in an array
8. Find a pair in array whose sum is X
9. Difference between Linked list and array
10. 4 ways to find K smallest elements in an array
11. 6 must-know problems on Binary search algorithm
12. Removing duplicates from an array of integers
13. Find median of two sorted arrays of different sizes
14. Find Kth smallest element in two sorted arrays
15. Find median of two sorted arrays
16. Re-arrange array elements in-place.
17. Arrays : Merge overlapping intervals
18. Contiguous subarray with largest sum (Kadane): Dynamic Programming
19. Find a subarray with zero sum
20. Smallest Missing number in sorted array
21. Find an element in sorted rotated array
22. Arrays : Event Scheduling problem
23. Arrays : Minimum jumps to reach at end
24. Finding peaks in an array
25. Move all zeros at the end of the array

26. Suffix Array
27. Range Sum Using Segment Tree